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19 diamond/masters players for that half of the tumblr bracket so far. this is gonna be sick as hell.
17 bronze - plat as well, so we should have a really good tournament. ^-^

Awesome! Though I consider myself only half diamond considering how little I’ve played so far :( I’ll catch up this week!

If you haven’t signed up yet, go go!

LOL I WOULD but im so out of practice.. i’d probs just be out of practice doing super old builds and stuff


Stolen jokes from reddit


So, a Zealot walks into the bar, and orders a drink. The bartender looks him over and says “gee, what’s with the long face pal?” The Zealot replies “Rough day at the base. One of the other Zealots was slacking off and a bunch of Zerglings came storming up our ramp. We cleared them out, but not before they took out a bunch of stuff. Gateways, Forges, even our Twilight Council”

The bartender nods sympathetically, saying, “Damn, not the Twilight Council. Tell you what,” he continues, handing the Zealot his drink “for you, no charge.”


How does the Immortal know what you’ve got for Christmas? He feels your presents.


How long does it take for a force field to expire?

a sentry

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